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Tombigbee Communications, a subsidiary of Tombigbee Electric Cooperative, is proud to launch freedom FIBER, a world-class, ultra-high-speed fiber optic internet service. We promote connectivity and increased quality of life through affordable access to ultra-high-speed broadband internet and Voice over IP (VoIP) services.

We are currently building approximately 200 miles of fiber optic cabling through the cities of Hamilton and Winfield and plan to extend our network to the remaining parts of Marion, Lamar, Winston and Fayette Counties beginning in 2018.

We care deeply about our residents and the communities we serve and understand the critical need for access to high-speed internet in order to thrive in the years ahead, which is why we are making this transformational investment.

Regardless of whether or not you live in Hamilton or Winfield, we want for you to go ahead and register to show us your interest in freedom FIBER!

Residential 100Mbps

Enjoy surfing the internet with speeds up to 100 Mbps with NO DATA LIMITS!!


Residential 1Gbps

  • Do you have an extreme gamer?
  • Do you have TV's in every room of your home wanting to stream something different?
  • Do you have LOTS of handheld devices connecting to the internet?

1Gbps is for you!


Residential VoIP

Enjoy your home telephone service using our Voice over Internet Protocol.

*Please note this is a per line charge plus applicable taxes.


Residential VoIP Only

  • Need a home phone but don't want Internet?
  • Enjoy your home telephone service using our Voice over Internet Protocol.
  • *Please note this is a per line charge plus applicable taxes.


Business Lite Internet Service - 100Mbps

This Internet package is for a small business with basic Internet needs like email, web browsing, and payment processing. 

**A static IP is not provided with this Internet package.


Business Pro Internet Service - 200Mbps

Optimized for small business needs with Service Level Agreements (SLA) and 200 Mbps symmetrical service. 


Business Enterprise Internet Service - 1Gbps

Optimized for medium to large business needs and for businesses heavily focused on Internet usage, with Service Level Agreements (SLA) and 1 Gig symmetrical service. 


10G Business

This service delivers the highest level of bandwidth to meet the needs of the largest enterprise business. 


Business VoIP

Looking to save money on your business phone service with a high quality voice solution? Business VoIP is here for you.

*Please note this is a per line charge plus applicable taxes.


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Registration - laura heifner

4:10am August 10, 2018

laura heifner

they doing installs in brillant now so im inbetween brillant and haleyville so i hope they hit the rural areas as they go to haleyville and now work backwards go to haleyvillle first then connect from brilliant to there or go down 129 and skip us all together like zito media did

Registration - Adam Green

11:40am August 1, 2018

Adam Green

Still waiting..was told my address would be in phase two. That was a lie. you went half way down my street and stopped before my home. What is more disheartening is that you guys even went down a DIRT ROAD across from my home but yet i dont get service? WTF?

Registration - Ricky Benford

10:34am June 25, 2018

Ricky Benford

Is there a timeline when the fiber will be coming to the area where I reside?

Registration - David Mcdonald

5:45pm June 21, 2018

David Mcdonald

When will I get connected tap been on pole in my yard for 2 weeks

Registration - Lowell Hankins

2:14pm May 29, 2018

Lowell Hankins

I understand County Highway 42 is in the second phase. Can you give me an idea when it will be available? Thanks

Registration - Brian Jackson

11:37am May 10, 2018

Brian Jackson

What does "Comm Connect Grant" mean per say?

Registration - Russell Melton

5:50pm May 4, 2018

Russell Melton

Website is poorly managed. Will service be better? Why do you say you are only providing service in city limits when you went 2 miles out to pick up a couple of customers when I am only 1/2 mile out on the other end of the same road?

Registration - Adam Green

10:06am May 3, 2018

Adam Green

What a joke they just skipped right over my road. my road is like 1 or 2 miles long and they went all around it. Guess if you are not a somebody you dont get service. The people on the very next road from me are good to go.........wth?

Registration - THOMAS VICE

12:18pm May 1, 2018


I am not impressed. Freedom Fiber is not a great deal faster than Centurylink like I was expecting after everyone raved about it. The price is better, though.

Registration - robert puckett

4:27pm April 30, 2018

robert puckett

got my freedom fiber last week and works to good hey its faster the a speeding bullet

Registration - Russell Melton

3:28pm April 25, 2018

Russell Melton

Map shows ready for service and I completed the ready to install email that was sent. No one can seem to give me a answer . Also when I log in this site says something went wrong when I try to access My dashboard. Sorry for troubling you with calls. Still checking other options for internet as I refuse to keep paying $85.99 to Centurylink for 10 Mbps and upload of 1Mbps. I had satellite before that was faster than that! Might be my only option?

Registration - Robert Johnson

9:05pm April 19, 2018

Robert Johnson

I signed up awhile ago and still haven’t received any kind of update.. my cousin and my brother have both had service for a few months now and I am so tired of my slow overpriced internet. Please let me get set up, PLEASE!! My brother is literally across the street from me

Registration - Daytos Howell

9:30am March 26, 2018

Daytos Howell

I see service ends around Golden Rd off hwy 49, close to hwy 253. I live at 22462 sr going to Winfield. Can you tell me: Will I be in phase 2? (can't tell from your map) When will phase 2 begin? This is more than faster internet.... It's the difference between my son who works in technology.... Remotely..... Being able to do it from home or moving.....

Registration - Sandra Vaughan

1:12pm March 16, 2018

Sandra Vaughan

Could you update me on a date for installation ???

Registration - J C Post

9:13am March 16, 2018

J C Post

not got call on setup could you please give me update ?

Registration - Kenney Trent

11:00am March 15, 2018

Kenney Trent

hi, i have not recived a call for setup yet.

Registration - Robert Chadwick

11:22am February 23, 2018

Robert Chadwick

I signed up today. When will I find out about start date and installation?

Registration - RANDY PICKARD

8:05am February 16, 2018


glad to have a new Internet

Registration - Melinda Wilson

2:12pm February 14, 2018

Melinda Wilson

How much longer before we get service at Allyn Trace Subdivision in Winfield.

Registration - James Key

7:15pm February 12, 2018

James Key

I signed up when service was first offered. When will I be able to get service? 731 Harbor Road at Gray Circle. 468-7337 487 3142

Registration - Joseph Franks

3:51pm February 7, 2018

Joseph Franks

I live on Colony street in Winfield. When l look on the service area half of Colony is ready for service and half is still waiting for service. Is there any way to tell if my address is ready?

Registration - Noah Southerland

1:06pm February 6, 2018

Noah Southerland
Campaign Owner

Larry Pitts, There is no rental charge for the residential gateway provided or the ONT that is provided. You will no longer need a modem since this is a complete fiber network. We do offer a managed wireless service to provide increased wireless coverage to larger homes and businesses at a monthly cost if needed.

Registration - Larry Pitts

9:41pm February 5, 2018

Larry Pitts

Just curious but is there a rental charge for a modem? Or do we have to purchase our own modem?

Registration - TIJAUNA CLAY

12:20pm February 2, 2018


I signed up on 12/1/17 and signed all paperwork that was e-mailed to me. Have not heard a word since! Today, I when I visited this site, I searched my address and it stated that I had not signed up at all!!!! Now I guess I am going to the bottom of the list after 2 months of waiting!!!!

Registration - Tiffiny Ables

7:49pm January 30, 2018

Tiffiny Ables

My service was turned on today. I was so happy with the installation guys and the SPEED...omg crazy fast. Really happy to be on board for something that's going to bring hope and opportunity to this area.

Registration - Skiffy Flippo

5:29pm January 30, 2018

Skiffy Flippo

I have been waiting a long time for a Good Internet Service. It's finally here...Awesome Speed and Reliabliity .... Thanks for coming into our area!!!

Registration - David Michael Franks

9:24am January 26, 2018

David Michael Franks

Freedom Fiber has been installed at our house on Steele Street... Amazing speed even with the 2.4 equipment... Hits the 100 mbps when direct connected to my network... 60 plus meg even with the wifi upstairs... Great service by the installer and the people who got the fiber to the house. I highly recommend this service for everyone that can get it. Thanks Tombigbee and Freedom Fiber...

Registration - Stephanie Wiginton

9:09am January 16, 2018

Stephanie Wiginton

When will services start being installed north of the main red light in Hamilton? I’m in the city limits and have been awaiting updates, but not not seeing anything that indicates when services in the city limits will be started...

Registration - Sandra Cantrell

8:38pm January 10, 2018

Sandra Cantrell

Anxiously awaiting service in Carter Estates....Hwy 171 outside of Winfield. Any ideas how long until you're out this way?

Registration - Benjamin Mitchell

4:14pm January 7, 2018

Benjamin Mitchell

I'm in an area already in service and I've completed all the forms received via email. About how long before you do my installation?

Registration - DONNY EARNEST

5:51pm January 2, 2018



Registration - Adam Green

1:29pm December 27, 2017

Adam Green

Im in Winfield and i see the orange on the map skipped over my road...any reason for this? i know not many homes here but you guys went down blue ridge road and i know there is not many homes at all down that street. Im on 151 right off of 129. Please Please build there. What determines service areas?

Registration - Ryan Bowling

7:44pm December 23, 2017

Ryan Bowling

I will need all equipment and routers to be brought bc I can’t afford to have to buy anything and my father in law said they did this so just make sure I get the best equipment if I’m gonna pay monthly

Registration - Tiffiny Ables

4:32pm December 21, 2017

Tiffiny Ables

Why has the area out toward Sitel not been turned on? You would think that would be one of the businesses that would benefit the most.

Registration - Noah Southerland

8:39pm December 19, 2017

Noah Southerland
Campaign Owner

Benjamin Mitchell, This is a complete FTTH (Fiber to the Home) network. The fiber will come all the way in to your home. This will require new equipment inside your home (ONT and Residential Gateway).

Registration - Adam Green

6:10am December 19, 2017

Adam Green

I hope you guys build in my area. According to the map I live just out side of where you are building in Winfield. So tired of paying ridiculous prices and getting taken advantage of by centrysux.

Registration - Benjamin Mitchell

11:14am December 14, 2017

Benjamin Mitchell

Which service do you offer? FTTP or FTTN? In other words will we require new equipment inside (modem, router, etc)?

Registration - Thomas Wooten

8:40am December 9, 2017

Thomas Wooten

Glad to be on Lovers Lane. Signed my paperwork last week electronically and spoke to them on phone yesterday about interior install. Great nice people. I think her name was Heather. Anyways, I was one of Southnets first customers in 1994. My dad was anyway. But I subscribed to 14.4kbps and I have lived a life of computers and made a living off of them on the side. I can tell you, even my family in Birmingham doesn't have anything like this. We are very fortunate. So don't complain about the speed of Tombigbee as the embark on this quest. Do we all see them out working daily?? YES. Do you imagine they are getting bombarded with calls? Yes. Just be thankful and be patient. Their goal was to serve rural NW Alabama so odds are if you see them in your area, eventually they will serve you. They did the west side of Lovers Lane first, then a month later or so did the east side. Thankful to hear a company around here doesn't care about stepping on anyone elses toes, but does something good for the people. We been needing something good for a while. Would love to disconnect my Alabama Power and convert to Tombigbee just because of this. Tombigbee is making leaps in the game, the game of helping us live better lives, Alabama Power isn't. Maybe one day we get to bundle our Fiber and power. Fingers Crossed

Registration - laura heifner

11:14am December 2, 2017

laura heifner

ive been stuck with centurysux for going on 15yrs now paying 60-80 a month for there slow 1.5mb down and upload is barly anything becuz when zitomedia came in they ran it down 129 and stopped at thornhll rd on both sides running to haleyviile then end of thornhill it goes toward brillant but they didnt run it across down thornhill and to the areas out here plz plz plz come to this area we have tombigbee electric and i need more speed 1 as a gamer 2 i cant even get a work at home job becuz of requiring faster speeds 3 health reasons i cant work a normal job so i need a way i can make income at home 4 1.5 mb is almost dial up in todays world and for $60m when ppl in town pay this and have like 40-50m isnt fair and dunno how they get away with it charging same price for 1.5 so again plz spread word and plz plz plz dont over look this area like everyone seems too

Registration - Mike Tomlin

10:48pm November 27, 2017

Mike Tomlin

I live on State Hwy 253, and Freedom Fiber's Phase one is right across the highway from me on Rose Lane. Your service map shows F.F. going north on State Hwy 253 for about 2 miles from the main red light in Winfield, then turning N.E. away from 253 before coming back to 253 just north of me. Please come across 253 and then south toward Winfield, and I will get just as many homes to sign up as what you have east of 253 and north of county rd 61. I am ready to get rid of this party-line internet I have with my ISP.

Registration - Tiffiny Ables

7:35am November 25, 2017

Tiffiny Ables

My only concern is that with something as big as this, why is there so little communication coming from them. I want this at my place yesterday, but I have no information here at the end of November that I didn't have in September. I realize they are working on things but updates would be much appreciated.

Registration - Cotey Arnold

11:22pm November 22, 2017

Cotey Arnold

I'm definitely ready to ditch my customer "high-speed internet provider" witch even if it was high speeds it isn't a stable connection so in the end I have to do my downloads 2-3 times so dial up would be faster and much cheaper. Considering I'm paying$60 a month for a 5Mb connection that never seems to be connected. To top it off I call just yesterday to see if someone would come and fix it was told they would be out before the end of business day witch turns out to be false. So come on freedom fiber I need this to happen sooner then later.

Registration - Derek Brand

6:01pm November 21, 2017

Derek Brand

Anyone currently on FreedomFiber.... How is it?

Registration - Benjamin Mitchell

8:26pm November 18, 2017

Benjamin Mitchell

I find it hard to believe there isn't enough interest in one of the most densely populated areas of Hamilton to justify service. I'm talking about the area between 17 and Bexar to include Regency Place, Steele St & Robin St. Come on folks, let's get rid of the slow internet & poor customer service; sign up for freedomFiber now!

Registration - Mark Squires

12:05pm November 14, 2017

Mark Squires

Do we have service yet?

Registration - Robert Johnson

8:54pm November 6, 2017

Robert Johnson

Please com, tired of the slow isp’s here.. I lived in a smaller town that had way faster plans and cheaper

Registration - Joshua Young

10:31am October 25, 2017

Joshua Young

both are Unlimited

Registration - Colean Underwood

5:04pm October 24, 2017

Colean Underwood

Is the $79,95 package UNLIMITED DATA? It only says UNLIMITED DATA on the $49.95 package!

Registration - Michael McClung

8:58am September 26, 2017

Michael McClung

We are one mile from the Hamilton city limits with several houses on our road, and so far we are not included in the Freedom Fiber internet service. We hope this doesn't turn out the same as city and county water service. We've been promised water access for years on County Highway 138, but so far not a single drop despite county water being available far out beyond us. Hopefully faster internet will eventually make it to our road. Good to see our friend Susan Cobb signed up too. She has been pleading for better internet service for a long time!

Registration - Joshua Young

5:12pm September 22, 2017

Joshua Young

Come on people spread the word ,1301 people have preregistered ,we need more this is going to be epic.

Registration - shellie studdard

11:37pm September 5, 2017

shellie studdard

Hopefully it will be in place on 129 going to haleyville. .. I can't wait !!!!!!!

Registration - Joshua Young

9:59pm September 5, 2017

Joshua Young

Come on people spread the word ,Tombigbee is backing all of this ,they need help $$$$$$$ to get this done ,this is going to be awesome and worth every penny.

Registration - Christopher Wakefield

11:18pm August 31, 2017

Christopher Wakefield

I am really looking forward to getting this. Centurylink has gotten slower than the old dial-up for me at a higher price.

Registration - Jason Woodruff

6:05pm August 14, 2017

Jason Woodruff

I was informed today about Freedom fiber and still beside myself. Although it could be a few years before Fayette will see it. If nothing else, it will make the local cable company and Centurylink tighten up a little. Competition is good for the consumer.

Registration - Susan Cobb

3:07pm August 8, 2017

Susan Cobb

I'm so ready for this! I volunteer my services to be the first residential customer in Hamilton! Start on Academy and go on down, or set up Fikes Chevy and cut across to my place.

Registration - Jeffrey Fikes

9:21pm July 29, 2017

Jeffrey Fikes

Au Contraire-- Clint-- the first install needs to come straight up highway 43, and serve Fikes Chevrolet. Then , it needs to continue up Marion County Hwy 1 to my house at 1388. All jokes aside-- we are excited that Fiber is coming to our area. This will be a rather large feather in the cap of the areas served.

Registration - Daniel Ross

5:12pm July 28, 2017

Daniel Ross

The anticipation is at an all time high.

Registration - Clint Green

4:46pm July 28, 2017

Clint Green

I'm pretty sure it makes the most sense to start at the Tombigbee office, cross the river, and head up Steele Street first!!!! If you need help deciding who to install first, I'll be happy to help with making the decision.