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9:15PM May 09, 2019

Ray Coker

To all those signing up for gaming purposes on consoles. The 1 Gbps service hardwired to your console will typically run approximately 150Mbps Up and 7.5Mbps Down and this is not consistent. I have experienced service below 20Mbps. Repeated speed tests back to back vary greatly. DO NOT THINK this service will greatly improve your game. It will not.

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2:47PM May 13, 2019

Jessica Garrison
Hi Mr. Coker! This is not the norm of our 1 Gbps customers. If you are experiencing slow speeds or inconsistent speeds (especially hard wired) please call our tech support to see if they can help you get this resolved. You can reach them by calling 205-921-6712 and choosing option 2 for internet and then option 2 again for support. Again, this is not the norm and we'd love to get a chance to get this fixed for you. Thank you!