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11:20PM December 02, 2019

Sherri Slaton

I am in Bear Creek on County Hwy 99 and a line has already been run to my power pole. Service is just up the road from us already as well. Just wondering how long it takes to get connected once the line has been run to the pole? I am very excited to have you in our community!

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6:27PM December 10, 2019

Tommy Helton
They have run lines out here on county Road 62 between county Road 85 and hwy 13 they have put the things up on the poles that have the wire circle around it I saw one of the workers here on county road 62 and I asked the technician hear one day that was working when it would be finished here for us he says it would be several months before we would get because they had to stop working here and go to hackleburg and start running lines up there why can they not finish what they're doing here before going to hackleburg does not make any sense