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2:51PM December 10, 2019

Destinee Bullard

We live on Co Rd 56 off Hwy 19 in Vina, AL. I see that some of this road has service but I was wondering if or when it would be available at 5996 Co Rd 56? We have absolutely no internet service at our house and hardly any cell service!!!

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4:46PM January 16, 2020

Danielle Holloway
I'm onthe same raod as you at where the Dexter long store used to be and we get early anything. Id really lile to get a eta on this.

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11:11AM January 03, 2020

Jason Dobbs
Same here with Vina! I am trying to campaign for Vina and help get more sign ups because all we can get is hughesnet and that mess sucks.