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11:14AM December 02, 2017

laura heifner

ive been stuck with centurysux for going on 15yrs now paying 60-80 a month for there slow 1.5mb down and upload is barly anything becuz when zitomedia came in they ran it down 129 and stopped at thornhll rd on both sides running to haleyviile then end of thornhill it goes toward brillant but they didnt run it across down thornhill and to the areas out here plz plz plz come to this area we have tombigbee electric and i need more speed 1 as a gamer 2 i cant even get a work at home job becuz of requiring faster speeds 3 health reasons i cant work a normal job so i need a way i can make income at home 4 1.5 mb is almost dial up in todays world and for $60m when ppl in town pay this and have like 40-50m isnt fair and dunno how they get away with it charging same price for 1.5 so again plz spread word and plz plz plz dont over look this area like everyone seems too