Freedom Fiber is coming to Northwest Alabama.

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8:40AM December 09, 2017

Thomas Wooten

Glad to be on Lovers Lane. Signed my paperwork last week electronically and spoke to them on phone yesterday about interior install. Great nice people. I think her name was Heather. Anyways, I was one of Southnets first customers in 1994. My dad was anyway. But I subscribed to 14.4kbps and I have lived a life of computers and made a living off of them on the side. I can tell you, even my family in Birmingham doesn't have anything like this. We are very fortunate. So don't complain about the speed of Tombigbee as the embark on this quest. Do we all see them out working daily?? YES. Do you imagine they are getting bombarded with calls? Yes. Just be thankful and be patient. Their goal was to serve rural NW Alabama so odds are if you see them in your area, eventually they will serve you. They did the west side of Lovers Lane first, then a month later or so did the east side. Thankful to hear a company around here doesn't care about stepping on anyone elses toes, but does something good for the people. We been needing something good for a while. Would love to disconnect my Alabama Power and convert to Tombigbee just because of this. Tombigbee is making leaps in the game, the game of helping us live better lives, Alabama Power isn't. Maybe one day we get to bundle our Fiber and power. Fingers Crossed