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Our Products

Residential 100Mbps

Starts at $49.95

Enjoy surfing the internet with speeds up to 100 Mbps with NO DATA LIMITS!!

Residential 1Gbps

Starts at $79.95

Do you have an extreme gamer? Do you have TV's in every room of your home wanting to stream something different on every one? Do you have LOTS of handheld devices connecting to the internet? Do you connect with your family online? How about saving and sharing photos in the cloud? 1Gbps is for you.

Business Lite

Starts at $49.95

Do you have a small business where you would like to provide a service to your customer? This is the product for you. Enjoy this 100 Mbps service that is much like a residential service.

*A static IP is not provided with this service package.

Business Pro

Starts at $199.95

Do you have a small business with multiple employees? Do you have your own network equipment in place? Business Pro at 200 Mbps is for you.

Business Enterprise

Starts at $499.95

Do you have a medium size business with several employees and you rely on the internet to operate your business? Business Enterprise with a 1 Gbps service is for you.

10G Business

Starts at $1,995.00

Do you have a large call center or a very large business with hundreds of employees? 10G business is just for you.

Voice over IP

Residential VoIP

Starts at $29.95

Enjoy your home telephone service using our Voice over Internet Protocol.

*Please note this is a per line charge plus applicable taxes.

Business VoIP

Starts at $34.95

Looking to save money on your business phone service with a high quality voice solution? Business VoIP is here for you.

*Please note this is a per line charge plus applicable taxes.